Adeolu Adeniyi is a Nigerian photographer and filmmaker. Over the years, his creative works for individuals, organizations and government in Nigeria and beyond have gained thematic exposure and recognition home and abroad.

Currently, he is a content contributor for JournAfricaPhoto, an online photo platform that presents photography from Africa with the goal of showcasing modern images of Africa to the world, opportunities for African photographers to present their pictures to a German and international audience. 
Trained at the Montana State University, U.S.A on documentary filmmaking, the peculiarity of Adeolu Adeniyi's creative work is tied to the systematic approach to using photography and filmmaking as instruments of reshaping the society. Some of his works tell stories about climate, economy, social values, and tourism, among other salient societal contents.

He has received several awards for his excellent and unparalleled creativity including the Global Landscapes Forum Climate Change Award (2015), an award that ranked him among three photographers globally, and the only Nigerian in that category. His personal goal is to preserve time, make memories last, to gaze upon a moment and feel the raw emotions rising from within that image. 


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