He sees the tin of milk under the tray. His stomach tightens. Primeval instinct takes over. Predator and prey. A boy and a tin of milk. The tin is waiting. His heart is racing ...

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Our story began in April 2011 when I went for my Internship Program at his Company. We became very close friends and that was how the journey to a beautiful life started. We started dating officially on the 1st of January, 2012. Yes, we had ups and downs, arguments et all but we never gave up because we had Christ as our foundation. The rest is history! In the 4 years of being with him, I have learned so much about... Read more

Definition of homelessness, they live on the streets and eat on the street, “Mother and Child”. Hustle and survival…

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My eyes have always been on her. She had what I wanted in a woman and I went for her. Although it wasn’t an easy task getting her, when I realised I was really in love with her, I stayed on her case till she agreed. The relationship took another gear from there and the rest is history ... Read more
Hustle, the mare mention of the word creates in the minds eye a picture of struggle,
A word that entails a lot of energetic and rapid moves,
An application of force and available resources to achieve goals in lives bustle,
For me, the password to a better tomorrow.
Comes in different shades, black or white, legal or illegal ...
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