Bolaji & Bukola

Our Love Story

It was another beautiful time with this couple, Even though the police came to interrupt us,maybe they were jealous people were getting married. lol We had a short time but it was worth every minute.

Her Story”

Where do I start?

I have always been a friend of his family from childhood, you know how you befriend one person in a family and somehow you end up becoming friend with everyone. So basically, I’ve known Bolaji all my life; way before I knew I was gonna be a part of the family who have become dear to me.

As time went by, Bolaji started showing ‘brotherly’ care and concern. This later transcended into love and we started getting closer as time went by.

After a short while, he asked if we could date. Of course, I had to be careful about this because this was Bolaji now, our ‘Egbon’ from the Segun family. So it took a while to agree to date him because it felt like I was getting involved with a ‘biological brother’. But then I realised that he had gone from being just a ‘big brother’ to my confidante and one of my favourite people. I knew I cared about him and so I decided to be with this special man. Besides, we are not really biological siblings so….*shrugs*

“His Story”

My eyes have always been on her. She had what I wanted in a woman and I went for her. Although it wasn’t an easy task getting her, when I realised I was really in love with her, I stayed on her case till she agreed. The relationship took another gear from there and the rest is history.

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