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“Every Hustle has its pride”



Hustle, the mare mention of the word creates in the minds eye a picture of struggle,
A word that entails a lot of energetic and rapid moves,
An application of force and available resources to achieve goals in lives bustle,
For me, the password to a better tomorrow.
Comes in different shades, black or white, legal or illegal, formal or informal, but all driven by a strong intent.
Prostitutes, drug dealers, fraud stars, arm robbers, criminals generally, boast to themselves on achieving major deals,
The learned celebrate on acquisition of major degrees and promotions in their firms,
The skilled workers delight in acquiring new techniques to boost their production and increase efficiency,
The inventors and scientist burst in tears of joy on making new inventions and discoveries,
The apprentices and laborers rejoice in freedom after a period of tutelage, grooming and complete loyalty.
For you to live through life,
You have to take part in its hustles,
Cos no pain, no gain.
I will always advocate for legitimate hustle,
Cos every hustle has its price.
Live life, the hustle continues.
Today, just like Abubakar, a middle aged man from Zamfara state. A husband to two, and a father to five, a truck pusher who works and and lives on the dumpsite, who need not steal or commit crime, even if it meant spending countless nights on the dump site just so that he won’t lack the petty cash it brought him. There is dignity in hustle. No Matter how slow and timetaking it may seem, hustle pays. Choose hustle today in place of crime!
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