Oluwatosin & Imoleayo

Another beautiful experience with this lovely and fun-to-be-with couple. It was a beautiful Sunday evening,and we didn’t require so much planning, as we did the shoot almost immediately after we got in touch. thanks to the “fashionista bride” who planned the concept. It was a good time and I can do this over and over again…with some extra cash tho…lol


Friend for 1year
Boyfriend for 3 years
Fiancé for a year
Soon to be my Husband FOREVER

Our story began in April 2011 when I went for my Internship Program at his Company. We became very close friends and that was how the journey to a beautiful life started. We started dating officially on the 1st of January, 2012. Yes, we had ups and downs, arguments et all but we never gave up because we had Christ as our foundation. The rest is history!
In the 4 years of being with him, I have learned so much about myself and matured into a woman.

The Bride: I promise to love you every moment of forever because no measure of time with u will be long enough!!!

I knew she was the one the moment I set my eyes on her and she proved to be the one.
After dating her for years, December 2014, We travelled to Dubai, she saw it as a vacation but I was definitely planning a grand style proposal. *winks*

I had gone with my friend who was also in Dubai to pick the perfect ring for the perfect one in my life.

On 29th of December, I decided to activate the “Romantic AY” by taking her out on a boat cruise / dinner. To my greatest surprise, my liver decided to fail me a couple of times during the dinner, so we later decided to take things to the upper deck of the boat where I finally popped out the question. I was too shy to remember all I planned to say, but I know I got a YES and some tears too.

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